I Don't Want to Ride My Bicycle

After our descent from Mt. Marami, we went to a house nearby to wash up. It always feels great taking a bath after hours of trekking on a hot sunny day. After a quick bath, I took some time to rest, enjoy the feeling of being squeaky clean while checking out the neighborhood.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, and I noticed this little boy, the son of the owner of the house where we were washing up. Aljur seemed bored riding his bike, plus it was really hot outside, so he went under a shade, flipped his bike over and cranked its pedal which made the rear wheel spin.

As he was spinning the wheel fast, I found myself amazed and smiling as I remember myself doing the same thing as a child. But what amazed me the most was knowing that some kids still actually do this even in this age when games are mostly digital. Enjoyment, old-school style!


Patti said...

Ohh! I didn't know that was a thing for bike riders. Or probably bc I never tried riding a bicycle.XD

Den!! Please post photos from your climb!:D Hee

Dennis Manalo said...

Oh yes, it is a thing... for kiddie bike riders at least. Hehe. It feels great riding a bike on a quiet morning, feeling the cool breeze habang pabilis nang pabilis. It's a good cardio exercise too. Maybe you should try riding Ghe's bike para ma-experience mo how awesome it is to ride a bike.

I'm glad you're excited to see the photo blog about my climb. Hehe. I'm just collecting the pictures from my friends, then I'll post it this weekend. :D

Alchris Mendoza said...

Nice name. Aljur. Amazing it is maybe. Though I never learned how to ride a bike. Even if the 1990s was not yet that much of a highly digital period. I thought you already posted those photos on Flickr.

Marjorie G said...

I used to play that game too. I remember when my father used to fix the bicycle and he had it flipped over, I would always come, when he wasn't looking, and spin the wheels like my life depended on it! Oh those were the days.

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