Leo and Micci Francia Wedding

My first visit to Pampanga this 2014 is for the wedding of my friend Micci and her fiancé Leo. I was excited for many reasons: reunion with friends, celebrating the union of two souls, eating Kapampangan foods, and going back to Pampanga. As you know, my father is from Pampanga and I lived there for some time during my childhood, so it is very close to my heart.

My friends and I arrived in Angeles City just in time before the wedding started. The weather was hot and the barong that I was wearing was not helping at all. I just had to suck it up until the wedding is over, for my dear friend.

The wedding was held at a restaurant called Bale Dutung. It is an old house made of wood, as well as the furniture. The place had a homey feeling, and I am not saying this because Pampanga is my second home.

The couple had their wedding ceremony at Bale Dutung's garden by the pond. It was actually quick, but the exchange of vows were so touching. Their moment as newlyweds when they were finally announced to everyone as Mr. and Mrs. Francia were so solemn. 

After the ceremony, the guests had their photos taken with the newlyweds, then Leo's sister announced the part that everyone loves --- eating time! The food was great and every food was served by course. The owner (didn't get her name) even hosted the luncheon and she was so nice, like motherly nice.

I really enjoyed having lunch at our table because of the food and the company. I met Leo and Micci's college friends and they were as fun as my friends Emil and Ann. We all instantly clicked and moments like this rarely happen. Honestly, I do not think of myself as friendly person. I am just blessed to be surrounded with good friends at the right places.

My friends and I miss Micci since she moved to Malaysia with her now-husband. We spent a lot of time together with her and kept her company when she was staying here in the Philippines, while Leo was living in another country. Although they have been living together for a while now in Malaysia, this wedding was like officially the day that we hand her over to Leo to start a new chapter and have a family of their own.


Marjorie G said...

This is where that "prenup" photo of yours was taken hehe... So you are part Kapampangan, can you also speak the language?

The place looks nice, was it a christian or a civil wedding? Because as far I know, catholic weddings must be held in the church. Or did I get that information wrong?

Congratulations to your friends. Looks like a lovely wedding.

Dennis Manalo said...

Thanks, Marge! It was a lovely wedding kahit simple lang. I think it was mainly a civil wedding na may "blessing". I didn't get to ask the couple kung anong klaseng wedding yung naganap. Nahiya ako. Haha.

Re: Kapampangan, unfortunately, I did not spend my childhood in Pampanga long enough to learn the language, plus my relatives always talk to us in Tagalog. I understand few common words though, like the "yes" and "no". Haha.

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