On The Job (film)

Since a lot of my friends have been telling me to watch On The Job, I decided to leave from work early, so I could catch this at SM Southmall Cinemas, minus the need to stay up late at night.

And you know what? It was fucking awesome! Ika nga ni Gerald Anderson, "Putangina!" I even had to supress myself from taking a pee because it was that good! It was so good, na nalimutan ko na I was rooting for the criminals to escape the police in the wild-goose chase. A friend even told me that there was a twist in the end, and I never saw it coming.

Sobrang astig talaga ng pelikula na 'to, and I hope that everyone in the Philippines gets to see it. Nothing sucked in this film, but the part where it mirrors the bitter reality in the Philippines. 


Patti said...

DIBA?!:D I also watched it at SM Southmall last Sunday.

Ooh so you were rooting for the anti-heroes! I wasn't. In fact, I was rooting for SPO1 Acosta hahahaha. But hey, it didn't feel like a local film to me. I still can't get over it I am seriously considering to see it again the second time.

Marjorie G said...

I am seeing it again because Ni needs company. Normally, I don't repeat watching a film but for OTJ, why the fuck not!

Den Manalo said...

So sorry. I wasn't notified na may nag-reply pala. I'm used to not getting any replies at all.

I was rooting for Acosta too. Parang torn apart actually. Haha.

Den Manalo said...

Again, sorry. Uber late reply. Did you watch it again? I want to see it again, pero bibili na lang ako ng DVD when it's released. Hehe.

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