Kraving for Kronuts

Ever since I read that newsletter from Looloo about the cronuts (croissant donuts) madness in Manila, I never stopped craving for it. The problem is, the stores that sell cronuts are way too far from where I live or where I work.

After few weeks, I heard that stores such as Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts and even ChaTime finally joined the bandwagon, selling their own versions of cronuts. Of course, that is a good news because I do not have to go to Quezon Avenue just to try one , although I like to idea of going to Q. Ave. because I miss going to Centris. 

Anyway, since Krispy Kreme is very close from my workplace, I decided last wek that I am going to buy some of their kronuts (I think they wanted it with a 'k' for a brand recall). I even posted some sticky notes on my monitor to remind me about their kronut-selling schedule. 

Apparently, the 10 am - 2 pm schedule applies to Krispy Kreme stores inside malls because when I went to Krispy Kreme at the Jaka Building last Friday, a staff told me that their kronuts were sold out since 7 am. That was probably the saddest moment of my day. 

So, this Monday morning, I tried my luck. There were some customers already falling in line, but the queue was not that long. I guess, today is my lucky day because they have not ran out kronuts yet. Ha! Take that, kronut-hogging people of Makati in the morning!

I got a vanilla-glazed and strawberry kronuts. The verdict: It was OK. LOL! It tastes like... croissants from French Baker. Haha! Now, I want to try the cronuts at Dolcelatte. It just sucks that you got to call them up to reserve your orders for pick-up though. I aslo want to try Wild Flour's cronuts; there, you can walk in and order a maximum of two cronuts, but you have to be very extea paitent because the waiting line is usally loooooong!

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