On The Job (film)

Since a lot of my friends have been telling me to watch On The Job, I decided to leave from work early, so I could catch this at SM Southmall Cinemas, minus the need to stay up late at night.

And you know what? It was fucking awesome! Ika nga ni Gerald Anderson, "Putangina!" I even had to supress myself from taking a pee because it was that good! It was so good, na nalimutan ko na I was rooting for the criminals to escape the police in the wild-goose chase. A friend even told me that there was a twist in the end, and I never saw it coming.

Sobrang astig talaga ng pelikula na 'to, and I hope that everyone in the Philippines gets to see it. Nothing sucked in this film, but the part where it mirrors the bitter reality in the Philippines. 

Minute Burger Lady

It must be really tough doing everything by yourself, especially at a time when mostly everyone is sleeping. It even looked like she was way too busy to smile, as she prepares my buy one, take one cheeseburgers. I thought that this was going to be hard because she hasn't smiled to any of the customers that came before me. Surprisingly, after paying for my orders, she genuinely smiled at me when I thanked her. Apparently, "thank you" was the magic phrase. Goal achieved!

From time to time, we would want to feel appreciated because it makes us realize that we are loved.

Kraving for Kronuts

Ever since I read that newsletter from Looloo about the cronuts (croissant donuts) madness in Manila, I never stopped craving for it. The problem is, the stores that sell cronuts are way too far from where I live or where I work.

After few weeks, I heard that stores such as Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts and even ChaTime finally joined the bandwagon, selling their own versions of cronuts. Of course, that is a good news because I do not have to go to Quezon Avenue just to try one , although I like to idea of going to Q. Ave. because I miss going to Centris. 

Anyway, since Krispy Kreme is very close from my workplace, I decided last wek that I am going to buy some of their kronuts (I think they wanted it with a 'k' for a brand recall). I even posted some sticky notes on my monitor to remind me about their kronut-selling schedule. 

Apparently, the 10 am - 2 pm schedule applies to Krispy Kreme stores inside malls because when I went to Krispy Kreme at the Jaka Building last Friday, a staff told me that their kronuts were sold out since 7 am. That was probably the saddest moment of my day. 

So, this Monday morning, I tried my luck. There were some customers already falling in line, but the queue was not that long. I guess, today is my lucky day because they have not ran out kronuts yet. Ha! Take that, kronut-hogging people of Makati in the morning!

I got a vanilla-glazed and strawberry kronuts. The verdict: It was OK. LOL! It tastes like... croissants from French Baker. Haha! Now, I want to try the cronuts at Dolcelatte. It just sucks that you got to call them up to reserve your orders for pick-up though. I aslo want to try Wild Flour's cronuts; there, you can walk in and order a maximum of two cronuts, but you have to be very extea paitent because the waiting line is usally loooooong!

Comfort Fooding on Oreos and Milk

I do not feel good today and this is not a good thing because I am going back to work tomorrow. 

Normally, I fill myself up with good vibes that will last until Friday, before returning to work on a busy Monday. Today, I could not help but think about the time I am spending on dates just to find the right person, and how my time usually gets wasted. So, for now, I am indulging myself with some comfort food that I got my from my nephew's stash of goodies.